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How to Choose the Best Marine Binoculars: A Guide

40% of America’s population lives along the coastline, according to recent estimates. These 127 million people equal the entire population of Japan. If you are lucky enough to be one of them, you can enjoy coastal sightseeing.

To gain the most benefit from your coastal habitat, you need to invest in the best marine binoculars. What are binoculars good for in a marine environment? Anything from site-seeing to navigation and much more.

Marine binoculars are custom-designed for the marine environment. They are the best binoculars for boating or coastal site-seeing. Read on to find out how to choose your best pair so you can see everything clearly.


The best magnification for marine binoculars is 7x the magnification of your naked eye. When you buy binoculars, they are often available in 7x to 18x magnifications with everything in between. Some special binoculars are higher.

The reason you want a low magnification binocular for boating is that a small boat is in constant motion. It will be hard to stabilize your frame of reference if your zoom power is too high.

Diameter of Objective Lenses

When you purchase binoculars, you will see two numbers such as 7x 50. The first number is the magnification of your binoculars. The second number is the diameter of the objective lenses in millimeters.

The higher binoculars zoom, the less bright their image is. Larger objective lenses will be needed to compensate for this. A good size objective lens for your marine binoculars is 50mm.

Image Stabilization

An essential feature of marine binoculars is image stabilization. Binoculars with this feature hold your image in focus, even when your boat is moving. Image stabilization allows you to take advantage of even higher zoom options.

Marine binoculars with image stabilization can climb and perform optimally with 8x or even 10x zoom features. Having this feature on your binoculars can cost more money, but it is worth it for serious mariners.

A Built-in Compass

A compass built into your binoculars’ display is great for boating. You can easily spot a compass bearing when viewing an object without having to use an external compass.


Design Features to Consider

One of the most important features of your naval binoculars is a water-proof and weather-resistant design. The ocean’s salty conditions corrode normal binoculars fast. Sand can also wreak havoc on your equipment.

Make sure your binoculars are built to withstand both of these and all the other elements of the marine environment. In addition, you should buy binoculars that float in case you drop them overboard.

Buy the Best Marine Binoculars

The rigors of the maritime environment merit a sturdy and specialized pair of binoculars. Finding the best marine binoculars means weighing a multitude of different factors. The information in this guide is all you need.

Use the information in this article to help you buy the best marine binoculars on the market. For all your other important news and information, make sure to check back with our website again soon!

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